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Trebs Comfortjuicer Citrus Juicer,

Saves so considerably time and is not messy.

I realy like this item it makes beautiful juice and is good excellent.

Trebs Comfortjuicer Citrus Juicer

  • Citrus juicer
  • Cut and press citrus fruit at the same time
  • In only a few seconds delicious fresh pressed juice
  • Because of the cover, no dirty hands and no splashing
  • With pulp separator

Trebs Comfortjuicer Citrus Juicer :

One thought on “Trebs Comfortjuicer Citrus Juicer,

  1. Mr Ijaz Akhtar Jajja says:
    I realy like this item it makes lovely juice and is good quality.
    • DCL says:
      Trebs comfortjuicer citrus juicer. Bought this four weeks ago to replace a philips which broke after a few days and went back. Seems lightly built (and is light) but so far has proved to be tougher than it looks. At the back of the juicing compartment is a plastic blade that cuts an orange neatly in half so any juice is not lost (as it would be otherwise). The lid is then used to press the half orange on to the motorised extractor and juice pours from a spout at the front of the machine into your glass. Very neat and less messy than other machines where you have to hold the half orange yourself. You only get one size of extractor cone so very large oranges need to be avoided. Cleaning is reasonably easy except that the lid doesn’t separate from the juice compartment which makes rinsing the two joined together a bit awkward. But it extracts well and wastes nothing providing very large oranges are not used. Smaller citrus will be fine, not sure about grapefruit though.

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