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Severin Lemon Squeezer, oh yeah that’s good

I experienced a single squeezers for several years then gave it to my daughter, i skipped it , it squeezes juice from the fruit brilliantly,i just had to have another.

It’s simple to use and sturdy and wonderful rate.

Severin Lemon Squeezer, 750 ml, 25 Watt, White

  • 2 squeezing cones for all fruit sizes
  • 750 ml capacity juice container
  • Reversible rotation for optimised juice extraction
  • Pressure-activated juicer dome
  • Cable storage

It can be juicy and feels fantastic in my fingers.… Read the rest

SEVERIN SEVOF ES 3564 Stainless Steel Juice Extractor, An efficient gadget – but will it get used?

Wonderful equipment to use, straightforward to use. I use a smoothie maker on pretty substantially a daily foundation, you quickly discover out matters you like and really don’t like and what is up to be liquidised. The severin sevof es 3564 stainless steel juice extractor, 400 watt, black is of slim style and compact nature, i like when turning this on it is rather. I like to try to eat bananas, oranges, strawberries and have one particular of people with … Read the rest