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One thought on “Salter Whole Fruit Juicer, Great piece of equipment

  1. jasper says:

    This review is from : Salter Whole Fruit Juicer

    I can’t agree with the very negative comment. I have today made three different juices, put them into flasks and cleaned the machine itself, within a 20 minute time span. It took longer to actually prepare the food.I would certainly recommend this machine, it compares very well to the last one i had, of a different make and which was also more expensive. If there is a complaint, it is that taking the metal juicer bowl out is not easy, it has to be lifted simultaneously from its sides and the centrifugal force has a tendency to force it down into its allocated slots. You need to watch your nails. Very easy to clean and reassemble. I’ve found that when i reassemble it, i need to remember to put a plastic bag inside the ‘catcher’ part, this helps to alleviate a lot of mess and rinse the other bits as soon as one has finished to avoid fruit/veg bits drying on. Then it’s difticult to clean off.

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