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Philips Juicer, Avance

I bought this juicer a small when ago and it has lived up to it is really anticipations. When you get the hang of how to place all the parts alongside one another it is a piece of cake. Number of bits to wash up but no key hastle. One particular of the issues i adore about the juicer apart from the juice i make, is that it sticks to the area with the suckers. So if you occur to be clumsy. You don’t have to worry about knocking the juicer about. The only matter i would say is that there is a large amount of ‘trash’ left over from the fruits utilized (especially carrots). All in all the juicer does what it is meant to do.

Bought this juicer to switch my old one particular which only could present 2 litle tiny eyeglasses of juice and was rather difficult to cleanse. This one particular obtaining great evaluations about its simplicity of use i went for it and don’t regret it. Even my boyfriend acquired hooked to it and cannot stay devoid of his new juice in the morning.

Philips Juicer (Avance Collection HR1869/30 Juicer)

  • Brand : Philips
  • Code : HR 1869/30 700 Watt

I opened the box currently and was very impressed with the excellent ofthe products that have been made use of to manufacture this juicer. The plasticcanopy is significant duty and the cutter with foil filter is of the maximum good quality. As soon as it is turned on, it appears like a compact jet engine and the significant feedertube tends to make finding apples and massive beet roots into the juicer with ease. This has bought to be the rolls royce of centrifugal juicers with the only stepup becoming one particular of those people masticating juicers that expense £400 – £500. Clean up up is a breeze and the additional two. 5l juice jug attaches very easily andkeeps juice from spattering all about the counter major. Very delighted with my order and very well worth the revenue.

No peeling required, and unless of course the merchandise is substantial then there is also no chopping expected. The quantity of juice that is extracted is incredible – there is only dry pulp remaining at the end. If you are looking for a juicer, then glance no further more. This is the rolls royce of juicers.

Happy with the high quality & product or service. Delighted with the quality of the products and ease of use. Extracts maximium juice from fruits and veggis. Pretty fantastic good quality juicer at reasonable selling price. This juicer arrive with new juice recipe ebook by jason vale. But, for people today who would like to acquire a juicer and recognize the worth of juices, i recomend a book by dr. Norman walker ‘fresh vegetable and fruit juices’ from amazon. Norman walker is thought of a pioneer in advovating the value of fresh juices for humnas to prevail over early growing old and retain excellent health.

Philips Juicer (Avance Collection HR1869/30 Juicer) : This produces great tasting smooth and creamy juice. The pulp left behind is really dry so is a good indicator of the amount of juice it extracts. Cleaning is easy and if done immediately allows time for the ice cubes to cool the juice ready for drinking. The only draw-back is that a balanced diet also needs solid food to be eaten. I would recommend this to anyone, the higher price than some is well worth it for the job it does and the ease of cleaning.

One thought on “Philips Juicer, Avance

  1. Paul Fuller says:

    This review is from : Philips Juicer (Avance Collection HR1869/30 Juicer)

    Philips juicer (avance collection hr1869/30. Brilliant device and so easy to clean.
    • Staedtler says:
      Exactly as stated in advert with excellent delivery service, thank you and a very merry christmas.
  2. JacPot says:

    This review is from : Philips Juicer (Avance Collection HR1869/30 Juicer)

    Sad that my juicer had to go :(. After about a year of using my juicer (which i loved dearly) and after losing nearly 2 stone through juicing (wooohoooo). I have to say sadly that it became very noisy and the last time i used it, it made the most awful noises and i saw smoke. Not being a lover of electricity at the best of times i became scared to use it, my hands were shaking, so i haven’t used it since and haven’t done so now for about 3 months (put on some pounds sadly). At first it was a great little juicer and then it conked out after a relatively short time. If phillips could make adjustments to the motor then i’m sure it will be one of the best in the market. I called phillips, told them the situation and i have to say they were super. Sent me a return free post label and offered me a refund quickly and professionally so i’m just waiting on that now. I’ve now ordered another juicer the sage 1500, expensive but lets see how that goes. I want to keep juicing as its changed my lifelittle bit nervous still but lets hope i can get over that one.
  3. charlie206cc says:

    This review is from : Philips Juicer (Avance Collection HR1869/30 Juicer)

    Easy to use and loads of juice. I am a total juicing virgin and after many hours of trawling the internet and reading hundreds of reviews i settled on this one. Myself and my fiancé have just spent the last hour or so experimenting with the juicer and i have to say we are very impressed so farthe first issue i encountered was that i wasn’t clipping the safety handle over enough which meant the juicer wouldn’t work. After 5 minutes of swearing and arguing my fiancé pushed it right over the clips and the machine roared to life, incidentally causing the cat to flee the kitchen. We then proceeded to chuck 2 oranges (peeled), 3 small apples (whole, no prep required), 3 small carrots (we chopped the ends off) and a beetroot (said we should peel it but after 2 seconds of trying i just chucked it in whole) and were amazed at how much juice it producedword of advice, beetroot lovely but put it in first so the other juices do something to wash some of it away. Put it last and it looks like you blended body parts. All this produced enough for 2 tall glass tumblers and surplus which i considered offering to neighbours but ended up pouring down the sink. One thing we noticed so far it the spout continues to drip for some time after you gave finished and removed the jug but this is hardly a major problem. Cleaning the juicer is pretty easy, it all comes apart and i just swished things under the tap. The actual juicing part needed the most cleaning but a sponge seemed to work fine although i wore rubber gloves as the parts are very sharp.
    • Shadia says:
      I bought this juicer a little while ago and it has lived up to it’s expectations. When you get the hang of how to put all the pieces together it is a piece of cake. Few bits to wash up but no major hastle. One of the things i love about the juicer apart from the juice i make, is that it sticks to the surface with the suckers. So if you happen to be clumsy. You don’t have to worry about knocking the juicer over. The only thing i would say is that there is a lot of ‘trash’ left over from the fruits used (especially carrots). All in all the juicer does what it is supposed to do.
      • Hannah Mason says:
        Juice has pepped me up no end. I am drinking juices every morning without fail. Get to aldi to get your fresh fruit and veg, find some basic recipes and you’re away. I highly recommend trying oranges and mint juice, anything with beetroot or carrots in and coriander works so amazingly well in the juicer and i’ve only had it a month. I bought the super juice book by michael von straten and have found this very useful and am now trying recipes. Com 30 day juice challenge to broaden my recipe horizons. I have to say the drawback is the cleaning of this beast. It is actually a lot bigger than i’d realised before i bought it and there are a few large pieces to clean and a filter to scrape out (as per any juicer).
  4. ViolaIhala says:
    Very poor quality of materials the juicer made off. . After i purchased this juicer, i was happy to finally find the juicer that would give me the best experience of juicing. However, after started juicing every day, i very soon became disappointed about the quality of materials (plastic and metal) the juicer is made off. After a month of juicing constantly, the machine looks like 5 years old or even more. The shine of the plastic has gone due to the acid that is coming from fruits and veg and the metal parts have also started changing colour from silver to sort of yellow. In addition, this juicer isn’t good for leafy vegetables. Any one who will read my review, i would recommend to decide which juices, fruit or vegetables, are more important and investigate different types of juicers before purchasing. Green star is one of them worth checking [.
    • Mrs C. says:
      This is my 3rd juicer and i am absolutely thrilled with it. Quick and easy to use, easy to clean and produces a really good result. Others i have given up on in the past but this one gets used every day.
      • C. Mcintyre says:
        I used to have the old one and hardly ever used it due to the effort involved in cleaning and washing up. Great juice production, dry pulp and easy to clean and reassemble, would recommend to anyone.

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