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Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, A good juicer for a small family or for anyone wanting to try out making their own juices.

I am seriously joyful with this merchandise. I am not mad on fruit, i am much more of a salad style man or woman, but i do like ingesting fruit juice, so i gave this item back. It can be pretty compact, and won’t choose up significantly house, which is fantastic if you have acquired a tiny kitchen area these types of as ours. It seems to be definitely superior far too and won’t glance out of spot on your sideboard. On to it is efficiency as a juicer. It’s actually uncomplicated to use immediately after you’ve got established it up (which is also dead easy, it can be just a make any difference of slotting all the parts into spot), you just position the jug under the tap and feed in the fruit down the tube at the prime of the solution, pushing down on it with the provided plunger. As before long as the fruit hits the spinning blades, its definitely entertaining to observe the fruit explode into juice, which then fires out by the tap. Make certain you might be jug is there thoughonce i would completed my juicing exploits, i gave it a clean, which is also incredibly easy to do, nonetheless, i you should not imagine you can cleanse the blades and perforated surface area in beneath the claimed minute.

The philips fast cleanse juicer is a basic appliance to use and to clear. The equipment will come effectively packed and is uncomplicated to assemble. If you are not certain, the guidance give distinct diagrams demonstrating which part goes where. After 1 or two uses, it becomes quite apparent. I have experimented with it on apples, peeled oranges, carrots and ginger, all of which reduced to juice in a subject of seconds. One particular or two lager pieces of orange and apple managed to escape by the spout (consequently the four stars fairly than 5), while these can be taken off with a strainer if you want your juice correctly clean. A container is offered for accumulating the juice, or you acquire it directly in a glass if you desire. As it procedures your juice, the machine is held secure on a kitchen surface by three suckers of the ft, so furnishing you adhere to the directions it is extremely stable and there is little risk of knocking it more than by error.

Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black

  • Get a real juice health boost!
  • QuickClean technology for effortless cleaning in just 1 minute
  • The compact juicer can make 1.5ltr in one go, quickly and easily
  • No mess, no fuss, simple pulp collection
  • Transparent pulp container – see your fruits and vegetables being juiced

The viva is certainly a compact very little unit. It will not get up a whole lot of worktop place at all, which is definitely one thing in its favour, as these form of gadgets are very easily neglected about after they get migrated to kitchen cupboards. Not only is it diminutive, it really is also fairly a smart little thing with its purple trim (other colors are obtainable) and obvious stainless metal parts inside. Delivered you preserve it clear, of course. This is not a substantial plasticky kitchen wart. Recall for starters that it really is not a smoothy maker – there are selected fruits (e. Bananas) which it is not created to deal with. Most proposed are: apples, pineapple, beetroot (yuck), celery, cucumber, carrots, spinach, melon, tomatoes, pomegranates, oranges & grapes.

This philips juicer is a tiny, compact and eye-catching device. It helps make light-weight perform of fruits to switch them into a scrumptious refreshing and healthful drink – you can make your personal recipes or you could want to glance at shopping for a independent book if you want inspiration (there are masses on the market, specifically juice cleanse and juice diet regime sorts)i have discovered the machine to be successful and helpful at eradicating the juice from the fruits i have utilised and it leaves a very dry pulp (telling me that all the superior things i want to drink has been removed). It is not especially loud, but naturally not silent, accomplishing a fair center ground on the sounds front. The non-drip spout is a nice contact, giving time to change the glasses or jug that you are applying to capture the juice and means you do not waste juice or have a flood on your worktop. The device is effortless to assemble and acquire aside to clear, cleaning is uncomplicated, specifically the sleek filter, being clean it indicates that pulp does not get trapped fiddly small holes, and indicates that you are capable to clean this aspect substantially much easier and more rapidly (this is the aspect which is generally the fiddliest and takes the longest to get clean), the washable areas can then be presented a clean in the sink or caught in the dishwasher- if you have that selection. It is quieter than previous juicers i have owned (kenwood) and nothing has turn out to be caught or mangled when i have applied it. The crimson and white finish of the equipment is wonderful and shiny, really simple to continue to keep clean up with just a uncomplicated wipe more than and doesn’t present fingerprints so is really desirable if you want to preserve it out on your kitchen area worktops which, due to the fact it is a smaller compact device and doesn’t acquire up a lot counter home is a actual selection, particularly if you use it a lot. There are some fruits that are not suggested for use with this device, like bananas and mangoes for instance, simply because they have a substantial starch articles and a pulpy gooey texture with lots of fibres the filter does not cope with well them (all the fruits that are to be avoided are described in the guidelines) but there are a good deal of many others that you can select from and that will make a amazing consume. Nonetheless, if you particularly did want to use these fruits in your drink you could use a hand blender and then increase them to your juice when it has been made, so all is not lost.

I gained this juicer this evening. Staying anxious to check out it i straight away opened the box and eliminated, with care, all the areas of the juicer. I have never experienced this form of juicer right before but i identified that assembling the areas of the juicer was really intuitive. Whilst i should hasten to add that a pretty simplistic established of directions is involved on the multi-language instruction leaflet. As with just about all merchandise these days the basic safety guidelines were being specified to start with. As a seem/noise indice, seventy two decibels doesn’t signify considerably to me suffice to say that i did not uncover the juicer to be extremely noisy in use and in addition, as i only necessary to juice some tomatoes for myself, the sounds was above in a matter of a handful of seconds. The three rubber foot suckers did a fantastic occupation of stabilizing the device on my worktop. When shifting the juicer it is very best not to just pull vertically on the device but to set a finger nail below 1 of the rubber suckers and then tilt the unit and it will come away from the worktop devoid of any problems. I usually deal with producers features with a pinch of salt, so to discuss, but, on this situation my in-built cynicism was misplaced.

Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black : Outstandingly elegant, brilliantly practical. . This juicer is outstandingly elegant and stylish in design. No other juicer matches it for beauty, and few others come near it for practical efficiency. It is made from the highest grade of black plastic, the surfaces of which shimmer serenely. The juicer is fast, making up to 1. 5 litres of juice in seconds, simply by dropping in fruit or vegetables through a feeding tube located on top, and pushed down and consolidated if necessary by a plunger. The fruit etc drops onto rotating blades which instantaneously shred it and extracts out the juice by centrifugal force. The 60mm diameter of the feeding tube is wide enough to take quite large pieces of fruit, even suitable whole fruits. The juice flows out through a side spout into a matching beaker, which is provided. The spent pulp accumulates in a see-through compartment, which is transparent enough to detect when it is becoming full.

One thought on “Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, A good juicer for a small family or for anyone wanting to try out making their own juices.

  1. Louise says:
    Not the best juicer ever but great for the price so unless. Not the best juicer ever but great for the price so unless you plan to use it every day its a good purchase.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      Easy to use and so easy to clean. This product is absolutely fabulous. Easy to use and so easy to clean. It is the best money i have spent in a long time. I juice for breakfast every day now.
  2. Pastrix says:

    This review is from : Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black

    Had it for 6 months and works well. Hard fruit and veg are the best like apple, carrot, beetroot even ginger. Not good for green leaves like kale, mint, spinach. Those go through but very little juice is extracted. Rather easy to put together after washing. All part easy to wash except blades. Blades need to be washed straight after use.
    • RNC says:
      Had this for a year now and its been great. Had this for a year now and its been great. The pulp use to be dry but its not anymore but this is year on.
      • Karen says:
        Thoroughly delighted with my little mini me juicer. Thoroughly delighted with my little mini me juicer. I’ve bought for our travels in our motorhome as i needed something more lightweight and compact than my trusted, 15 year old heavy duty juicer tried it out this morning and although you do have to cut up the fruit/veg, which i’m not used to, it’s incredibly efficient, easy to clean (certainly easier than my other baby) and so much more portable and quiet. It will be great in my motorhome and enable me to continue with my raw food and juicing lifestyle.
  3. R.Aldridge says:
    Does a brilliant juicing job. After reading the reviews of other juicers we decided on this one as we have always been happy with philips kitchen aids in the past. Although the directions that came with are a bit sparse setting it up was simple and straight forward,cleaning after use is a doddle,maybe not quite as quick as they say but pretty straight forward,dismantle in reverse order to assembling and rinse each section as you go along. As mentioned in another review,when dismantling apply downward pressure on the safety clamps before releasing the lid as this eases the tension on the clamps and so averts any possibility of breakage or weakening. Apart from this i would say that this is a well designed kitchen appliance and should give many years of use. There has been some reviews that the pulp can be quite wet but i have not found this to be the case,so far i have juiced carrots,apples,beetroot,lemons,grapes and pears,still to try leafy vegetables,but so far everything has been excellent. To sum up i think this is the best buy i have bought for a long time,not so much a gadget more a necessity if you like a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Rogert says:

    This review is from : Philips HR1832/01 Viva Collection Compact Juicer, 1.5 Litre, 500 Watt – Black

    Takes a long time to do as you have to peel all the oranges, but works well.
    • Mr. B. Hawkins says:
      I broke the lid by dropping it while unpacking, so had to buy another – it would have been almost as cheap to buy a whole new machine. However the machine is very good and extracts fruit and vegetable juice quickly and efficiently. It is easy to clean even if it takes a bit longer than the minute promised. Altogether a very good buy especially when compared to machines costing ten times as much.

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