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Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory, Excellent juicer, best I’ve used

This juicer is so simple to cleanse the parts unlock with relieve any just one who has griping problems i. Arthritice will locate it so easy to use. Rinse in warm water, occupation performed. It is a expert and reputable piece of devices and strong, i come to feel that i will get a large amount of a long time out of this juicer. Very recommended if you are hunting to enhance your wellness, an exceptional brochure is integrated with recipes and it explains quite a few other utilizes for your juicer. Defiantly five stars for this products.

This is my 1st foray into juicing. I required some thing to use up the added carrots we acquired in our natural and organic box. I obtain it quick to use, simple to clear and produces delicious juice. My parents experienced a incredibly expensive a single that extracted additional juice and left the pulp a great deal drier. When i do fruit like oranges, i place in some thing like a carrot after and then set the pulp as a result of once again to extract far more juice. I consider it is benefit for cash and does what i need for now.

Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

  • Juices wheatgrass! Plus, makes bread sticks, sauces, baby food, makes nut butters
  • Very low power use(160 watt)
  • Warranty 12 year motor, 5 years parts
  • Has a slow rotating bio auger giving you a live and nutritious juice

We have utilized our juicer each and every working day given that we obtained it, i experienced read through on other opinions how effortless to clean up and place again together and it truly is. So glad we invested the added to get a matstone.

I am examining this now as i feel eight months is extended more than enough to give a functional check out. The juicer has been employed each day, occasionally two and 3 periods and i would very advocate it. You can even now hold a dialogue or listen to the radio although making use of it, the juice is apparent (not brown) and it is a lot easier to cleanse than the others i have applied.

‘king of the kitchen area gadgets’. The matstone juicer is a good piece of kitchen area products. Appears to be good on the kitchen area work best and really practical. as regards to layout, so far, i can only come across a single tiny, very small fault, 1 could say, it truly is barely truly worth a mention, but i’m likely to give it a mention just in case the layout fellas are looking through this. And the far more facts you have prior to you get, the better. Simply because at near to £180, its not inexpensive. The aperture for the juice, is somewhat far too close to the outlet for the pulp. When inserting the two plastic containers underneath the drum to capture each of the higher than, there is small place for mistake, so you have to have to make confident both of those containers are lined up properly.

Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory : I suspect juicing is generally a fad phenomenon that millions would like to believe will change their lifestyle but only a few stay with the discipline. This, however, is a good looking and very functional kitchen tool. It is quiet and hugely efficient in operation and surprisingly easy to clean. The juicing auger, filter and cutting novels come apart and re-attach easily. I stayed with the process for several weeks, but fell out of the habit in the winter. I fully intend to get back into the juicing habit in the summer – cold, fruity fresh drinks are ace on a hot day. For serious juicers this is the one. For fad juicers (like me) this is a good looking addition to the kitchen, i leave it out on display as it’s classical, if quirky appearance impresses guests and neighbours.

One thought on “Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory, Excellent juicer, best I’ve used

  1. Ms. A. B. Wilson says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Brought a phillips juicier before this one that broke so ordered this after reading reviews. Absolutely great juicer and worth the cost. Juices just about anything and minimum waste which is dry unlike most juicers.
    • LPC Reviews says:
      Absolutely love this juicer. Absolutely love this juicer, i use it every single day to make a green juice in the morning & then again at night to make frozen fruit ice cream so it has it’s fair share of use. I love how easy it is to clean & very easy to assemble. The warranty cover of 12 years motor & 5 years parts is just fantastic & i also received a free book about natural healing which was a very nice surprise.Yes it might seem pricey at first, but it’s worth every penny & works out cheap considering everything you get in this deal, the best addition to my kitchen in years.
  2. sarah curry says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Excellent and great looking. Excellent piece of equipment. Best bit is it’s really easy to clean. I don’t think it gets enough juice out the first time around, so i put it through several times, but that’s no problem.
    • Amazon Customer says:
      The matstone 6 in 1 juicer in ivory is fantastic. I’ve owned this for about two weeks now and have only used the juicing function (other functions could be good but have not used them). The juice that comes out is delicious. I made a veg juice and compared it to the veg juice you can get at crussh (which they use a centrifugal machine. Not pressed) and oh my can you ever taste the difference. You can squeeze out more juice if you run the pulp through a second time (which it’s then very dry. I think that will always be quite moist when juiced). The filter does need cleaning during the juicing when juicing mushy items such as cucumbers and oranges, and it does take a while to clean.
  3. Kevin says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Makes beautiful orange juice , would recommend instead of the spinning ones , solid construction easy to clean but not as quick as they say,.
  4. FilmFan says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Poor quality parts – and slow. This produces lovely juice however i have had to order two replacement discs for the front as they both jammed onto the clear tube and ended up breaking, and now i need to order a new mesh cone as it is broken. I do think that while the base is sturdy enough the parts are flimsy and the disc that screws onto the tube is very stiff and difficult to remove. Sometimes in the middle of juicing, the small front disc becomes detached from the cone and i have to stop the whole process to reassemble the front parts. Frustrating and not great when in a hurry – the process of chopping up fruit to tiny pieces then slowly pushing them through is lengthy enoughi’m not hugely impressed.
  5. r.marshall says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Excellent product, which performs as per the claims made by the adverts.
  6. Mr. R. I. Stanoev says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    Works perfect, as juicing 5kg of large hard carrots weekly. Works perfect, as juicing 5kg of large hard carrots weekly, along with lots of other fruits. Easy quick cleaning, we are using it for about a year – no problems at all.
  7. janey says:

    This review is from : Matstone 6 in 1 Juicer in Ivory

    So so well made , almost silent. . Extracts most of the juice.
    • Gwyn says:
      Very fast, efficient and robust. . This is an impressive machine. It reduces fruit & veg very eficiently. Some ‘wetter’ products needs processing twice just to absorb juice (cuccumbers etc), but they go through the machine pretty rapidly. Highly robust and easy to clean (water only) and re-assemble, complemented by the extensive warranty. Including chopping fruits & veg, the process takes aprox 10-15 minutes to produce juices, and less than 5 minutes to clean & reassemble. I have used a similar juicer before which eventually deterriorated but this is, although pricy, far better in all aspects. Looks really pleasing as well.

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