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Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor, Worth every penny!

Don’t assume the degree of juice extraction is as superior as some other makes. I don’t assume the stage of juice extraction is as fantastic as some other brand names, the pulp is moist indicating that not all juice is extracted. Would count on better for the rate. Have made use of a much less expensive phillips model which extracts a good deal a lot more juice.

Terrific excellent but the cost.

This is an earlier mentioned normal juicer. I like the truth that it isn’t going to consider up as well considerably place and is not far too bulky. Having said that it’s fairly complicated to clear in some spots. The fruits are not as dry immediately after the extraction.

Extremely valuable equipment to have in the kitchen area. This juicer will work specifically as advertised. It does its task to perfection. A actually practical machine to have in the kitchen.

Trusted and worth paying out a bit far more revenue on it.

Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor, Cream : The juicer is quick to use and easy to clean. 7 liters a bit on the small side, and it’s quite expensive. In summary we would recommend it (couple household).

One thought on “Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor, Worth every penny!

  1. CXP says:
    Let’s leave engineering to british, americans and germans please. I have a vitamix which is unrepeatable when it comes to blender making smoothie, soup, dip, grounding flour, crushing ice cubes etc etc. A bit noisy but i know when i switch it on that this machine is going to deliver. But then vitamix doesn’t do clear juice, which sometimes my family would like to have on their breakfast table, ie apple juice, orange juice etc. I have been under the impression that magimix is a trustworthy brand so it went for this machine. Well, after one juicing experience i decided to call it a day with this machine. It has 400w power (which was overlooked when i bought it) and is way too slow to produce juice. Also the citrus press keeps pinching a hole on the fruit, and makes it hard to completely extract juice out of an orange. All pulp was in the mash and it got slower to produce juice when it was nearly full.
  2. I. Schmidt says:

    This review is from : Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor, Cream

    My friend and i decided to do a week of juicing to detox and lose a bit of weight. We’re following joe cross’ reboot diet from the recommended “fat, sick and nearly dead” film you can watch on youtube)at first i used my blender (a brilliant one from thermomix) and i squeezed the juice out using a muslin cloth. That is hard work i can tell you. After 2 days of doing this i looked online to buy myself a juicer. I have a magimix food processor and decided to rely on my previous good experience, the brand name and the amazon reviews. I have no regrets firstly, amazon’s delivery was super fast. Thank youjust some random points about the machine: it’s so easy to assemble for use and disassemble for cleaning afterwards. I cut my apples in half – it goes down the chute quicker, i think, and i don’t mind that bit of work. There is no catchment jug/jar that comes with the product,but i have plenty of this vs in my own kitchen already and i’m sure you do too. If you’re making small quantities, then a glass will dothe juice tastes gorgeous. Look at some youtube demos and you will see how easily the pulp comes away (using the given spatula) in a tickmy green juice recipe from joe cross is: 2 apples, 1/2 lemon, 2. 5cm ginger, 6-8 leaves kale or cabbage, 4 sticks celery and 1 cucumber. The lemon i do peel, leaving the white pith on. I timed myself today: i managed to make the entire juice in less time than it took me to boil the kettle (3-4 mind ). That’s including taking the ingredients out of the fridge, washing and preparing and of course juicing.
    • koalakid says:
      Certainly something substantial on the worktop. Been using it most days to create drinks. Bit of a pain to clean each time but the drinks are worth it. Tried a couple of smoothies too. Also sent off for the juicer booklet which was on special offer when we bought it.
      • Rachael E. Bradley says:
        Totally recommend especially for regular juicers. My husband and i both juice two meals a day and this is brilliant. You get more juice out of the produce than other machines as it does not reject veg/fruit from the basket. It is really easy to clean and looks nice on the counter too unlike other more industrial looking juicers. We empty the basket after every juice (about 6/7 items) but could go for longer. Because of the type of motor the juice comes out quickly but cool and nutrients last 12hours not 6-8 like most machine (even the other expensive ones). You have to cut apples in half (no coring or peeling) and cucumber in half length ways, but everything else fits straight in. The smoothly works well which my son loves. It’s safe as long tube and plunger.
  3. Puja says:
    Don’t think the level of juice extraction is as good as some other brands. I don’t think the level of juice extraction is as good as some other brands, the pulp is moist indicating that not all juice is extracted. Would expect better for the price. Have used a cheaper phillips model which extracts a lot more juice.
    • Erythrina says:
      This is an above average juicer. I like the fact that it doesn’t take up too much space and is not too bulky. However it’s quite difficult to clean in some areas. The fruits are not as dry after the extraction.
      • Robert says:
        Extremely useful machine to have in the kitchen. This juicer works exactly as advertised. It does its job to perfection. A really useful machine to have in the kitchen.
  4. Claire says:

    This review is from : Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Juice Extractor, Cream

    I love not having to peel and core apples first. Quick juice and container is easy to clean – by hand.
    • Emelda says:
      Bought one for myself and one for my daughter. Can recommend for ease of use, good looks and doing the job particularly like the size as wanted equipment i could leave out.
      • becko says:
        Only had it for a few weeks but i use it on a daily basis and it is great. I had bought a heston blumenthal nutri juicer but i had to return it as it started to cut into the plastic lid. Got this as a replacement after watching video comparisons on youtube, which i would recommend for anyone before buying a new juicer. Check out eu juicers on youtube. This has a citrus press, a coulis/smoothie maker as well as the juicer. Takes whole apples although i prefer to 1/4 apples before putting them in. This is a sturdy, heavy machine and it is quite tall when all put together and it has got good safety features. The juicer does not have a pulp collection bin, the pulp remains in the machine and you have to empty it out every so often but it is easy to do as the pulp is so dry. When using the coulis maker there is virtually no pulp waste.

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