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Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, FAN-TAST-IC! What a great juicer!!!

I investigated for a long time and also go through plenty of person opinions in advance of obtaining this juicer. It is perfectly well worth the money, small sufficient to remain on the counter prime and effortless to thoroughly clean. If you are on the lookout for a cold press juicer then i surely advise this.

A great deal much better than i even anticipated. The regular humming and hah-ing about no matter if to spend a decent wedge in a risky product or service (not the solution per se, but the commitment to use it) we beforehand experienced a philips centrifugal model juice that would literally acquire kilos of fruits/veggies to make a smaller sum of juice and cleansing it was a fifty percent hour act execs+ /cons — sometimes a minimal pulp gets through (usually from kale or other leafy inexperienced that gets ‘mulshed’ but that is alright, it’s not much too a lot and reminds you that you happen to be consuming contemporary produce)+ quantity and excellent. This juicer makes way far more juice than the former a person and the pulp that will come out of it is *fully* dry. It arrives with two distinct ‘sieves/graters’ for unique consistency of make and a pair of containers, even a flat sieve to double pressure the juice. + uncomplicated to cleanse, it will come with a minor package of brushes that assist the cleansing course of action and it can be performed in the sink in just a couple of minutes. We usually also pop the removable sections in the dishwasher every several times to give it a a lot more extensive clean. + quite silent thinking about the position it has to do. Further:-will come with a small booklet of recipes and dietary information. Certainly, it is slower than the centrifrugal designs but not excessively so – i can hold out a moment for juice. – and to prime it all off, it truly is very classy and fits correctly in my kitchen (significantly far more compact than other types i’ve seen but that does not result in lessened quantity or high-quality) very recommended for these who are not positive if to move up from a ~100 quid product to one thing a bit much more costly.

Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

  • Heavy duty construction so it is designed for heavy duty juicing with an innovative juicing cap for juice consistency
  • Produces more juice than ever before using the Slow Squeezing system and perfect for all fruit and vegetables even leafy greens
  • Small footprint and comes apart easily so it won’t take up space on the counter top and is easy to clean and store, tools are included
  • Motor design ensures whisper quiet movement and includes an auto safety sensor
  • Lifetime warranty on the motor and 5 years warranty on parts

Im very happy, functioning superior, quick cleaning, im using each individual day, is loads of juice, relaxation is dry, i recomended it for all people.

I seriously really like the uncomplicated use and cleaning of this juicer and it looks pretty much silent in contrast to the more mature style. Seriously built to significant common, so glad i didnt go for a more affordable duplicate both. I consider the style and design can help the method of feeding veggy into it much too is it takes no energy at all to force just about anything into it. Uncomplicated to clean up also, for a quick clear just incorporating h2o and flushing it by a pair of moments even though working, i crammed it up and ran it for a little bit then vacant and run like this a couple of times. Also requires aside very effortlessly to clean up but appears fantastic remaining a pair of times with just flush cleaning. You wont regret getting this state of the artwork juicer, except you dont have a passion to use it of program.

I do not have considerably operate top rated cost-free space in my kitchen area for that reason vertical sluggish juicer was a ideal decision of juicer. Hurom ‘the boss’ is just great, major downside is cleansing that take about 15min with some observe but it really is worth it, as juices are best. . Nutrient and one hundred% flavour straight from character. With hurom you can juice anything at all you can buy in fruit and vegetable section in any supermarket. I am loving it and make me fells terrific .

Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy : Fabulous product and delighted with the difference to other conventional juicers.

One thought on “Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, FAN-TAST-IC! What a great juicer!!!

  1. john gallagher says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    Brilliant but thorough cleaning required. Juicing is as close to perfect as there is. Ignore comments about the pulp levels or mechanisms jamming. Not had any faults and pulp is completely bareable. One massive issue is the cleaning. Flushing with water is not an option. Rotting vegetation will be sitting in there. Stripping it down and cleaning daily is necessary.
  2. Mel M says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    I’m pleased to say that nearly a year later. I actually have the hurom hu-600, which is last year’s model. I’m not sure there’s any difference though and my model seems to have all the pros and cons pointed out in the other reviews here. I’d never juiced at home before buying this item, so it was quite an expensive leap into the unknown. However, i’m pleased to say that nearly a year later, i’m still using my juicer 4-5 times a week. I chose this model as i wanted a vertical juicer that wouldn’t take up too much room on the worktop. I think that if you are going to spend this sort of money, you need to keep the juicer out permanently and not put it in a cupboard. That way, you’ll be sure to use it frequently. It goes without saying that the juicer is very stylish (mine is just the stainless steel model) so it looks great in the kitchen. Fruit and veg preparation:the chute isn’t huge so you do need to cut items up fairly small to fit them in.
    • Ivornoclue says:
      A bit on the expensive side , but does what it says on the box i have had no problems with the juicing of kale and carrots , celery which seems to be a issue for some people. I think they can not being doing it correctly as i have tried everything in this machine and have not had to reverse or clear it. So far , the only real gripe is that it is not as whisper quite as you are lead to believe by the suits selling you this, so be warned , but its a machine and is going to make some small amount of noise and this one is less loud than others that i have seen and heard , easy to clean really, i am a bloke washing is not something that comes easy for me but i can do this in about a minute and the wife is not having redo it , tip to the new at this get a recipe book or search for some can waste time and veg ect but what the hay have fun and try make your own.
      • Julia Barlow says:
        On stringy veg it does block up, ie celery, doesnt work putting things through twice even the the book says you can. Give lots of juice, not too noisy. Worth paying the extra pennies.
  3. NICOLA G PECK says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    I’m a student and i had being toying with what juicer to get for weeks, as my mum and i juice everyday at home. I finally bought this and i don’t think i could have made a better decision. Slow juicing is really important for me to preserve the nutrients and not expose the juicer to too much oxygen. It works really well, is as easy to clean as it comes (for juicing) and surprisingly quick. In terms of the world of juicers, the price is much more reasonable than a lot of othersyes you get some froth and pulp in the sieve/tray if you’re juicing leafy greens and carrots, but the little stopper allows you to put it on hold and pour all that back in the top. Another good use for the stopper is when you have finished juicing and poured the juice into glasses, fill up the container with water and pour it through the machine while its working to give it a rinse, then replace the container under the shoot and open the stopper to let the water out. Gives you a head start to cleaningi would highly recommend this to anyone, but of course it will depend what you juice. I make a green juice of celery, ginger, leafy greens, carrots, cucumber and apples – i juice it in that order as the lighter stuff is easier to clean at the end. If you’re on the fence, i really think you should try it as you won’t regret it.
  4. Rachael Medd says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    . This is a great juicer, fast, easy to clean and not loud. Would recommend to many :-) thanks.
    • Nadezda Staruchova says:
      Im very happy, working good, easy cleaning, im using every day, is plenty of juice, rest is dry, i recomended it for everybody.
      • Margy says:
        Of juicers but beats them all. So quiet realy quiet i love it expensive but well worth it if you are into juicing this is the one for you can’t recommend enough i love love love it.
  5. Alien says:
    Buy well, buy once (or something like that). Two cheap juicers and the time had come to buy the hurom. Oh my goodness, what a differenceif you think disposable camera versus full frame canon, you get the picture. Does it exactly as it should be done.
  6. SJR says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    If you are at all serious about juice being part of your daily nutrition, then this is the one to getunlike the cheaper centrifugal juicers, which heat the juice, thus destroying the enzymes, this ‘cold juicer’ squeezes every last drop out of your chosen fruit or veg. Excellent for leafy greens such as spinach and kale as well as softer fruits such as strawberries and mango. Crunches carrots and beetroot with ease (and makes a lovely sound in the process). Using the more course filter allows you to make smoothies with ease. Quiet in operation, very easy to clean and, being a vertical juicer, doesn’t take up much space on your worktop.
  7. Suzanne Hanna says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    I had being looking for a juicer for months and come across the hurom 700 cold press. Very easy to set up and clean. It does a fantastic job getting every last drop of juice out of fruit/veg. I juice every day by replacing one meal with juice combined with eating a sensible diet and the pounds are starting to melt away. Seems a little pricey but we’ll worth it. I done my research when looking for a juicer and some of the cheaper brands do not get all the juice out and it so does not mix properly and can be left with a watery like substance.
    • Mr. N. Amin says:
      This is a great little juicer, i have had other juicers but this definatelyis the best one. It is particularly easy to clean and assemble especially importantwhen you are pressed for time.
  8. Julio Liebsch says:

    This review is from : Hurom 700 Pro Cold Press Juicer, Burgundy

    My first juicer and im very happy with it ,i will recommend this juicer to my friends ,its easy to clean and very effective.

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