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Fusion Juicer, Serious about juicing?

We have been employing this juicer each day(at minimum three periods a working day) considering the fact that our purchase in may well. The clear plastic sections are now discoloured, we acquired the black color and that nonetheless appears to be like excellent. Even though it has a big chute, we usually cut the fruit up and it is happier to juice more compact chunks. We tend to quarter the larger sized apples and so on it will cope properly with carrots and other veggies to. I have acquired a blender to perform with it so we can make smoothies and blitz frozen berries. This is a good juicer, not the most economical but in above six months we haven’t had any concerns and are experience wholesome and consuming hundreds of juices each working day. It is not a low-priced way of life but we love it.

Squeezes just about every previous bit of juice out the fruit as the remaining overs belong in the sahara. The difficulty is, and its only to be anticipated, but if u r like me and glance for perfection, u dont want the foam of ‘dirty stuff’ specially if u like ur apple n pear drink just about every early morning.

Black Fusion Juicer

  • Superior extraction technology
  • Extra-large round feeder accommodates most fruits and vegetables
  • Watch-it-juice clear design
  • Whisper-quiet 3,000-RPM motor
  • Surgical-quality stainless steel blade

Acquiring tried using several other juicers that broke down i was advisable this by a close friend. Functions fantastically to break down fruit successfully and easy to cleanse, as properly as quieter than anticipated. Shipping service also top notch, was offered common supply waiting for 5 days and it arrived in two.

Here is my juicing storyi have owned this kind of juicer when it was sold below the title of jack lelanne, years in advance of its rebrand as the fusion juicer. It does juice and it juices alright. Having said that the pulp can be rather damp and experienced to send the pulp as a result of all over again to get additional juice out. It cannot cope with kale and other environmentally friendly leafs so very well. If this is what you are intrigued in, then this isn’t really for you. I then ordered a philips avance 1871, and at £200 believed it would be wonderful. It was till the motor blew out immediately after a several months, and then yet again with a 2nd substitution equipment. Philips are however to thoroughly offer me with feed-back. At existing i am utilizing an upright gradual juicer by hurom.

Shipping and delivery was sluggish, waited 2 weeks for supply. Soon after a handful of uses, i eventually fell in really like with this item. Now i wouldn’t be with out it.

Black Fusion Juicer : Just got my juicer and i haven’t had any problems. Its my first juicer and i can’t believe how tasty the juice it. This is very fast, hardly any noise. So far i’ve tried carrots, spinach, apples, broccoli and pineapple and not had any problems.

One thought on “Fusion Juicer, Serious about juicing?

  1. Robert P. Mackay says:

    This review is from : Black Fusion Juicer

    Using it mostly for breakfast, cleaning in the only downside.
  2. vintagegirl says:

    This review is from : Black Fusion Juicer

    And i have found this juicer very quick and easy to use. I am a novice ‘juicer’ and i have found this juicer very quick and easy to use, assemble and disassemble, clean and dry. It is not a noisy machine to use and if it becomes noisy, stop the machine and check inside the feeder tube for a blockage. The use of biodegradable bags are essential in the pulp collector for reducing the washing up. Follow the instructions, take your time and experiment with fruit and vegetables. I have also found that the pyrex kitchen laboratory jug fits nicely under the spout and catches every drop of juice. I highly recommend the fusion juicer.
  3. Hallly says:

    This review is from : Black Fusion Juicer

    The juicer copes brilliantly with all fruit and veg including leafy greens. I really can’t understand some of the awful reviews for this juicer. I use it every day and have also completed the 7lbs in 7 days using it. The juicer copes brilliantly with all fruit and veg including leafy greens. You just have to sandwich the leafy greens and smaller pieces between the larger fruit e. This is all explained by jason on the video about this juicer. I think the bad reviews are from people who are used to a fast juicer. You have to use this machine slower as it isn’t a fast juicer.Yes the pulp collects under the lid this is the design.
    • jean holland says:
      Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Lost 12 pounds very pleased we have encouraged our friends and they have started to well done jason.
  4. JoSandy says:

    This review is from : Black Fusion Juicer

    Want to change your health; use this every day. Cannot rate this higher; great product that i used daily.
    • SD says:
      Excellent juicer but lacking extras. This was recommended to me by a friend and is all that they said it would be. Although i did expect to get more juice from whatever i put through this juicer. I feel it should come with a juice collecting container as the spout is quite low down and using something other than a cup to collect the juice is almost out of the question. There were no ’28 day diet’ books with this juicer only a recipe book for various mixes. I have one more question and that is, why is the black juicer more expensive than the red and the white one.
  5. Ms M. says:

    This review is from : Black Fusion Juicer

    Its easy enough to clean, take apart and put back together.
    • Cecilia says:
      This is my first time buying a juicer and i’m very pleased with this one. It is not too big and is very easy to use and clean.

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