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One thought on “Dualit Dual Max Juicer, Easy to use and clean – highly recommended

  1. TD says:
    This is my first juicer and it is fantastic so far. Easy to use and not to difficult to clean.
  2. Y. Tomlinson says:

    This review is from : Dualit Dual Max Juicer

    Easy to use and clean – highly recommended. It is easy to clean, no special tools to unscrew bits like some juicers. It has two speeds , one for soft and one for hard. I have been juicing so many things since i got it including:applespearsoranges and lemonsgrapesfennelcucumbergingerturmericspinachbroccolibeetrootcarrotsi keep this juicer on the side and use it daily as it is so easy to use and clean. Can’t recommend it highly enough. And the last juicer i had was a £500 one – wish i had known about this one before.

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